Celebration of Freedom at Anugraha School, Bidar
It was an auspicious day as the sun rose on 15th of August, the tiny tots of Anugraha School gathered around the School premises to celebrate the pride of India i.e. the Independence Day. The flag hoisting was done by Mr. Linganand, the CRP Halbarga Cluster, Bidar. He received the solute and thereupon he hoisted the flag. The stage was decorated by the eminent personalities viz, Mr. Linganand, CRP Halbarga, Fr. Richard Kadiwal OFM Cap, principal of the school, Fr. Lourdswamy, Sr. Preshitha Superior of Sneha Sadan Convent, and Sr. Jyothis. The children celebrated the Freedom of India through their inspiring speeches, mono act, pyramid and dances. Moreover the cream of the program of was a beautiful speech by Mr. Linganand and Fr. Richard the Principal. Thus the entire celebration ended with distribution of sweets to children and mini breakfast for the teaching and non-teaching staff.
Happy Independence Day

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Vanamahotsava, Anugraha school Halbarga
Vanamahotsava celebration at Anugraha school. The celebration reminded that everyone is responsible for the growth of green to save humanity. All children were given meaningful awareness about environment and how to keep environment clean by growing trees. each class was entrusted with a plant to grow and take care of it the entire year, at the end of the year the principal, Fr. Richard would inspect and reward the students and teachers. indeed it was a spendid step that anugraha school students have taken.
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The word “Anugraha” meaning divine blessing was adopted by the Capuchins of Karnataka Province when the Halbarga Mission area was handed over to them by the bishop of Mangalore Diocese Rt. Rev. Dr. Aloyisus Paul D’Souza in the year 2000. The Capuchins were the first men religious to step into Bidar Mission which was a part of Mangalore Diocese and wholly administered by the diocesan clergy and some women religious hailing from Mangalore. 8 read more..

Message from the Principal :

The child of today is the adult citizen of tomorrow. She/he has to be prepared for the responsibility and privileges of life. This preparation for the future is dynamic aspect of our life. The best preparation of the future is that the present possibilities should be realized, present potentialities are to be developed. Then they will be able to face the future situations and meet the future environment. The future is not isolated, it is continuous with the present. So, when the present potentialities are developed, the future is provided for. Life is continuously developing and best presentation for this can be achieved by making present experiences of the child as full as possible. The immense energy spent by the children at present should be properly channelized for constructive purpose.
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About the Board (CEB) :

The Motto of Capuchin Education Board (CEB) is: jnanenaiva vimuktih: "Indeed, Liberation is through enlightenment". As the temporal, mundane existence is characterized by the experience of bondage (samsara) ignorance (avidya) and pain (duhkha), the eminent sages and prophets have propagated means to alleviate oneself from tha above negative experiences of human existence, and fill life with hope and joy. The fullness of existence is characterised by Liberation attained through true knowledge, which is an experience of enlightenment.
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Bp. Robert Michael Miranda

Gulbarga Diocese

Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais

Fr. Alwyn John Dias

Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes,
 Treasurer, C E B

Fr. Richard Kadival
Anugraha School

Fr. George Monis
Founder & First Principal
Anugraha, School