About the Trust

There is only one Education, and it has only one goal: the freedom of the mind. Anything that needs an adjective, be it civics education, or socialist education, or Christian education, or whatever-you-like education, is not education in the general sense, as it can have different goals. The very existence of modified "educations" is testimony to the fact that their proponents cannot bring about what they want in a mind that is free. An "education" that cannot do its work in a free mind, and so must "teach" by homily and precept in the service of these feelings and attitudes and beliefs rather than those, is pure and unmistakable tyranny - Richard Mitchell,

The words of the underground Grammarian, Mr. Richard Mitchell is in place and power in it. The inspiring and outgoing desire, the burning bush flame and the heart throbbing impulses of the concerned and to be corned of the periphery or the cry of the outer ring of the society was an awakening timely call to the capuchins of the Holy Trinity Province to hanker into their boat into the education field. The fruit of the long awaited wish of the millions of the society and the distant dream of our elders emerged in the four walls of the schools. The beauty and the mind meet in the capuchin education board.

Motto :
The Motto of Capuchin Education Board (CEB) is: jnanenaiva vimuktih: "Indeed, Liberation is through enlightenment". As the temporal, mundane existence is characterized by the experience of bondage (samsara) ignorance (avidya) and pain (duhkha), the eminent sages and prophets have propagated means to alleviate oneself from tha above negative experiences of human existence, and fill life with hope and joy. The fullness of existence is characterised by Liberation attained through true knowledge, which is an experience of enlightenment.

The Function of Capuchin Education Board:
The Capuchin Education Board functions under the supervision of Provincial Minister and his Definitory. The Education ministry of the Province is teamwork of all the friars involved in the ministry. The ministry constitutes one single unit with one goal, one ideal and one system of organisation that goes to make one single tradition.

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Bp. Robert Michael Miranda

Gulbarga Diocese

Rev. Dr. Fr. John Alwyn Dias
President, CEB

Rev. Fr. Robin Victor
D’ Souza
Executive Secretary, CEB

Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes,
 Treasurer, C E B

Fr. Prasanna Kumar
Anugraha School

Fr. George Monis

Founder & First Principal
Anugraha, School