Children's day @ at anugraha school halbarga Bidar
Children's day celebration at anugraha school halbarga Bidar. The children took to surprise by the way teachers entertain them. After the assembly games were conducted to all the children. After which the cultural event to place in the hall. The teachers entertained the students through their dances, dramas, action songs and other items. After the program fellowship meal was given to all the children.



Bp. Robert Michael Miranda

Gulbarga Diocese

Rev. Dr. Fr. John Alwyn Dias
President, CEB

Rev. Fr. Robin Victor
D’ Souza
Executive Secretary, CEB

Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes,
 Treasurer, C E B

Fr. Prasanna Kumar
Anugraha School

Fr. George Monis

Founder & First Principal
Anugraha, School